Effective Yet Simple Ways to Build Inbound Links

Friday, September 25, 2009 Posted by !ndra

The value of Inbound links can be gauged from the fact that they are a major contributor to the Page Rank and Search Engine Rankings of your website. Google strongly favors this practice and this is strongly recommended all across.

Having understood this often the dilemma encountered is How to build these links.

The answer is "An Effective Link Building Campaign" and we recommend the following as the elementary tips to get ahead of the game:
Free List of Tips - People like free tips or lists. Sharing free ideas or having a list of free tips for a particular industry on your website can help you build readership and good number of links as well. People who like your list of resources, industry specific information will start book marking you on Social Networking Sites or will start providing you reference through their websites which will help in your site building natural inbound links.
Press Releases - Press Releases are a great way to get traffic and also inbound links from news portals. These need to be written in an effective manner and distributed over news portals who in turn would acknowledge you by linking.
Article Submissions - Writing Article is a great way to share your knowledge and industry expertise but that is not enough. You need to promote your articles by doing Article submissions. Article submission websites like EzineArticles.com have got syndication power and they will also provide you an inbound link.
Directory Submissions - Submitting your website to free directories will help in building inbound links but one rule needs to be kept in mind that you should go for Quality over Quantity. Do not submit your website to every directory you find on Internet. Look for directories related to your industry and then submit your website to them.
Discussion Participation - Participate in Discussion forums related to your niche. Do not go there and start spamming each discussion with your link. Participate in the related one's and then promote your service in a focused way so that you can get both traffic and links.
Give Freebies - Who doesn't like freebies? Offer your visitors free downloads like e-books, Cd's, research papers / whitepapers, webinars etc. People love these and will keep coming back for more. This will bring you lots of bookmarks and natural links.
Get you customers to link to you - You can get good natural inbound links from your Customers' websites. E.g. If you have a Web Design & Development business, you can request your clients to give you a link back from their websites. You can get them to add your link at the bottom of the page as "Website Designed by _.." This will bring you good inbound links.

We at The Web Strategy Company by AfterTheNet keep supplementing our clients with the most basic to the most advanced techniques for any goal they decide to reach with their website. Our step wise approach gives them the complete visibility of their website, which often they are deprived of in absence of a trustworthy resource.


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